Top 15 Popular Types of Content Writing । Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Top 15 Popular Types of Content Writing । Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Content writing is the most creative job worldwide. Let’s check the top 15 popular types of content writing in detail through the article.

Content writing is the most fruitful way of content marketing. In the age of SEO, you can quickly get a massive audience through search engines. In other words, ranked content on the search engine can give you massive traffic for your brand.

However, It is the most challenging task to rank content on search engines. You have to be a Content Writing and SEO Expert. On the other hand, you have to hire an expert to do the job

Because everyone couldn’t provide engaging and SEO-friendly content. So, be an expert or hire someone expert. 

What is Content Writing

Nowadays, content writing means researching, planning, and writing web articles. That must say, Content writing is the most challenging job. To write the article, a writer has to maintain Keyword Stuffing, Keyword Density, Keyword placement, etc.

The ultimate goal of content writing is ranking on search engines and getting audiences from worldwide. As a result, it is one of the most demandable jobs worldwide. 

However, there are many different content types, I’ll discuss the top 15 popular types of content writing. To learn about content writing types in detail, read the full article., 

1. Blog Writing

Blog writing is one of the essential types of content writing. These types of articles or contents provide the guide, context, and information to the visitors. In other words, the fundamental concept of this type of content is to provide information and guidelines to its visitors. 

However, it would be best if you had strong SEO knowledge. That must say, blogging is going to be a trend nowadays. People choose various trending niches for blogging and also earn money.

2. Web Content Writing

Every content of a website can be called Web Content Writing. In other words, the content of the home page, about us page, contact page, and landing page are known as Web Content. 

It is also called the foundation content of a website. Because visitors find the owner’s or company’s information through the Web Content. 

Moreover, every business moves online. Consistently, everyone has to maintain a website. A website also has to decorate with web content. So, web content writing is another most demandable type of content writing job worldwide.

3. Copywriting

Copywriting doesn’t precisely mean copying someone’s writing. However, it is a persuasive and promotional type of content writing

To clarify, this type of article inspires people to do some form of action, for instance, purchase a product, click on somewhere, and so on. In short, most commercial writing is copywriting.

Copywriting is the most demandable job nowadays. However, copywriting and content writing is not the same thing. There is a lot of difference between copywriting vs. content writing

So, what is the difference between Copywriting vs. Content Writing?

As you already know, Copywriting is a commercial marketing and promotional content, such as review articles. On the other hand, content writing is informational and editorial articles, for instance, blog articles.

4. Ghost Writing

Ghostwriting is not scary writing. It is a different type of content writing. The credit for writing goes to another person as the author is called ghostwriting. 

In other words, the Ghostwriter writes articles only for payment. He doesn’t take any credit for the content. The author pays the ghostwriter and takes the credit and copyright authority of the article. 

Moreover, Ghost Writing is the most popular content writing worldwide. Nowadays, everyone is busy with their daily stuff. So, people love to hire a freelance ghostwriter for ghostwriting. 

5. Technical Writing

Technical writing is technical-related articles and documents. In other words, technical writing means the content of technical information, process, report, guide, etc. 

On the other hand, it is the most challenging type of content writing. It is also one of the most demandable jobs. 

However, a technical writer must be passionate about technology. He also must have strong knowledge of tech-related niches. 

Because he provides the most critical and complex information in a simple language and format. Therefore, Technical Writing is one of the most expensive jobs.

6. Social Media Writing

Social media is one of the best ways of marketing and communication. There is a massive number of audiences on Social media. Therefore, Social media writing is going to be famous now. 

Social media writing means writing articles on social media. The content may be commercial, promotional, entertaining, etc. 

Moreover, there are hundreds of social media networks nowadays. Maximum people are using social media daily. Therefore, it is the best platform to get audiences. 

Consistently, Social media writing plays a crucial role in attracting and reaching the audience. So, the demand for Social Media Writing is increasing daily.

7. Long-form Content Writing

It is very challenging to define long-form content writing. A group of people considers an article of more than 800 words Long-form content. Another group that believes in more than 2000 words of articles is long-form content writing. 

However, content of more than 1200-1500 words can be considered Long-form content writing. 

In this era, Long-form content writing is the most popular writing. Because everyone wants to rank their article to search engines. That must say, Long-form content writing is the most effective way to rank an article.

8. Email Writing

Email or Electronic mail is the official and formal process of communication. Every company and organization communicates with each other through email. Therefore, it is essential to write the email accurately. 

However, there are several rules to writing a formal email. You have to maintain the rules of formal email, and it is called Email Writing.

9. Script Writing

Scriptwriting is writing stories. To clarify, this type of content writing includes action, expression,  movement, the dialogue of the characters in the screenplay, etc. 

That must say, Script Writing is also known as screenwriting. Besides, Scriptwriting expresses virtual stories. So, it is different types of content writing from novels, poems, and so on.

10. AdCopy Writing

AdCopy Writing is widely used on every social media network. In other words, It is used for advertising or promoting some product or service. 

However, AdCopy Writing is a commercial type of content writing. People want to get readers to respond immediately through Ad Copy Writing.

11. News Writing

News Writing is a different type of content writing. The writing published in a newspaper is called News Writing. That must say, it is based on an event. 

To clarify, it describes and gives everyone’s answer, for instance, what, how, or why it occurs. News writing is also known as press release writing. On the other hand, people who write news are called journalists. 

12. Creative writing

Creative writing is not a specific type of content writing. In other words, creative writing can be content writing; for example, professional, journalistic, academic, etc. 

To clarify, unique and extraordinary content is known as creative writing, for instance, poetry. 

13. Business or Industry Writing

Business writing is widely used in corporate offices, for instance, official email, monthly or yearly reports, etc. 

However, the main goal of Business or Industry Writing is easy to understand. You won’t need to show your writing skills. 

14. Research or Report Writing

Research or Report Writing is an informative type of content writing. It is documentation or a report of research. Besides, Formal language is used to write Research Writing. It includes graphs and tables. 

However, the main goal of Research Writing is to keep the references for the research projects for the future.

15. Feature Writing

Feature writing is a news story type of content writing. However, it is usually longer than news writing. In other words, it describes an event in detail more than news writing. 

Feature writing is also published in newspapers and magazines. However, there is a lot of difference between News Writing vs. Feature Writing

Final Thoughts

So, do you find the most demandable types of content writing?

Content Writing is the most creative job. That must say, everyone couldn’t do the job correctly. Therefore, there is a huge shortage of good content writers worldwide. If you think that you are perfect for doing the job, the article can guide you.

I’ve described the top 15 types of content writing. It’ll help you to build your career as a Content Writer. So, don’t forget to share the amazing article on Content Writing types with your friends.

If you still have any problems or questions, leave them in the comment section. I’ll get back to you soon.

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