Can’t Avoid | Top Eight Essential Elements | SEO Friendly Content Writing | Beginners to Expert Guide

Can’t Avoid | Top Eight Essential Elements | SEO Friendly Content Writing | Beginners to Expert Guide

Are you looking for SEO Friendly Content Writing Guidelines? Let’s check the expert’s guide & the top eight SEO-friendly content writing elements you must learn.

What is an SEO-friendly Article?

Don’t you know how to write SEO-friendly Content? As a beginner, you’ve to start learning what SEO-friendly Content is from the core. So, let’s start diving from the basics.

SEO’s full abbreviation is “Search Engine Optimization.”

And, SEO-friendly Content means fully optimized content according to the search engine algorithms.

So, you have to write an article following search engine optimization rules.

Worthy of mentioning, there are around 200 SEO ranking factors for a web page or content on the Search engine result page.

Really? Should I have to learn now every factor to write SEO-friendly content?

No, not at all. You have to learn a few content factors to write an SEO-optimized article. 

So, what are they?

Don’t worry!

You are in the right place. I’m MD Anamul Hasan Shagar [AH Shagar], working as a Content Writing & White Hat SEO Specialist since 2018. 

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However, I’ll share and explain the top 8 significant rules for quality SEO-friendly content writing. You can also find other essential SEO-friendly content-related information through the article. 

So, read the entire article attentively as a complete guide to get a clear vision of how to do SEO-optimized Content Writing for Websites. Also, read to learn how to do Freelance Content Writing.

Importance of SEO friendly Content Writing

Firstly, do you know what Content Marketing is?

In this digital era, Content marketing is the most popular and effective way to grow yourself and your brand. However, there are four popular types of content marketing

  • Web Content Marketing
  • Image Content Marketing
  • Video Content Marketing
  • Audio Content Marketing

Four different popular platforms are also available for four types of content marketing.

But do you know?

Web Content Marketing means SEO-friendly Content plays a most influential role than others.

[You can also learn the Top 15 Popular Types of Content Writing.]

However, according to the market experts,

“Content is King”

So, it is the fastest way to reach targeted audiences and boost your sales and growth. 

That’s why it is essential to learn SEO-friendly content writing to be an expert Content Marketer or Digital Marketer.

Importance of SEO friendly Content Writing

What if you don’t know and follow?

A content or page won’t rank on the search engine result page if it isn’t SEO optimized.

You’ll also fail to engage your audience and generate sales. As a result, you couldn’t satisfy your clients and won’t be an expert marketer. 

So, I hope you can realize the importance of SEO-friendly Content Writing. Otherwise, you won’t build a Professional Content Marketing or, Digital Marketing career.

But do you know the most exciting thing?

You can start learning from my following guidelines. After that, if you explore and practice regularly, you can boost your marketing career growth.

So, don’t miss the exclusive SEO-friendly Content Writing guide.

How to Write SEO Friendly Content | Ultimate Beginners Guide

At last, we’ve come to the core part of this article. However, you already learned the basics like SEO-friendly article’s definition, importance, etc.

So, it is high time to start learning Content Optimization rules. 

Due to regular search engine updates, a few optimization rules are regularly changing, and it is the most challenging part.

So, you have to keep learning and updating yourself along with search engines.

However, I prefer to learn the mentioned facts first for SEO-friendly Content Writing. In other words, the following eight facts are the core elements of SEO-optimized Content. 

If you maintain the following facts, you can also grab your targeted audience’s attention and increase your traffic and sales. As a result, you can boost your business growth and ultimate success. 

In short, these eight elements are proven and recommended by content marketing experts

So, let’s focus on learning the significant content elements first as a beginner.

Top Eight Essential Rules for SEO Friendly Content | Couldn’t Be Ignored

Top Eight Essential Rules for SEO Friendly Content | Couldn’t Be Ignored 

1. Content Title

Content Title is the most crucial fact and the first step toward your audience, goal, and success. It also plays a critical role to search engine and SERP audiences. 

So, you have to choose the perfect content title according to the search engine ranking algorithms.

But how? Check the process

  • Must be informative, catchy, engaging 
  • Focus audience benefits (Easy to understand)
  • Focus on grabbing the audience’s attention
  • Must place the focus keyword naturally. 
  • Total length 50 to 70 characters [It’s characters, not words]

2. Meta Description

The meta description is the second most essential part that will be visible to your audiences. In other words, it is a necessary element for both the Search engine and your targeted audiences. 

So, you also have to write it according to the following method, including

  • Focus audience benefits
  • Must express content summary (Guide, solution, etc.)
  • Focus on grabbing the audience’s attention.
  • Must be informative, catchy, engaging
  • Place the focus keyword naturally
  • Total length 140 to 152 characters [It’s characters, not words]

3. Keyword Density

Keyword Density is the most crucial and challenging SEO element. If you fail to maintain the Keyword Density ratio, the search engine counts the content as spam content. 

Most of the time, the content won’t be indexed. So, you have to keep the density accordingly.

  • Recommended total keyword density 2% to 3% [Experts]
  • Preferred keyword density 1% to 2% [My opinion]

4. Keyword Placement

Another crucial element is keyword placement according to the SE algorithms. SE also counts the content as spam if you don’t follow the rules. 

So, let’s check where and how to place keywords.

  • Must place every Focus & LSI keyword naturally, not forcefully 
  • Focus keyword must be in the first and last paragraph (At least once within 100 words)
  • Have to place the focus keyword once within every 500 words
  • Must be aware of Keyword Stuffing, Keyword Prominence

5. Make Informative:

Most people are always seeking help, information, and solutions. The search engine also prefers informative content that can add value to the audience’s life. 

So, write the content below.

  • Must fulfill search intent
  • Make the content informative as much as you can 
  • Must cover the maximum topic about the keyword. [The audience won’t need to read any other article]

 6. Make Engaging

It is the most crucial element to determine every content writer’s quality. Why? If your content can engage audiences, you’ll be known as a writing expert. 

So, how to write an engaging article?

  • It must be understandable for every audience [kids to older]
  • Content must be like storytelling.
  • Must write in a conversational tone
  • Shouldn’t mix up things and topics. 
  • Use easy-to-understand words, sentences, and language 
  • Keep it simple as much as you can
  • Use real-life examples

7. Heading and Paragraph

The article also must contain a structure heading (H1-H6), Bullet Points, and Number Points. Besides, every paragraph should have 50-75 words, but I prefer to 35-50words.

8. Checklist | What to do and not to do

According to the Search Engine algorithms, you have to follow a few more things carefully. So, let’s check them.

  • Must use Active and Simple sentences. 
  • Also, must use Transition words to increase the readability score. 
  • Use power words.
  • Must avoid Stop words, Passive(Voice), and Conditional sentences. 

So, every beginner must follow the SEO-friendly content guide accordingly to start a content writing career. 

I also prefer to learn and practice regularly to achieve success as there’s no other way to be a Content or Digital marketing expert.

Bonus Tips | Start SEO friendly Content Writing | Step By Step Guide

Now, you will find some bonus tips to write SEO-optimized content writing.

However, I prefer to follow the tips before starting an article writing. As a result, you can get the best result and output quickly.

  1. Read at least eight to ten articles first.
  2. Research and analyze competitors
  3. After that, target your readers. So, you can set your mind on who’ll read the article, the reader’s age, their search intent, what they like most, why they need to read the article, etc.
  4. Fix total content length [Apprx.]
  5. Make a content structure on the doc/word and a blueprint on your brain.
  6. Now, start writing now accordingly.

Final Thoughts

What do you think? Can you write SEO-friendly content now?

People write web articles to rank on SERP and get organic traffic to increase sales and business growth.

So, it is compulsory to write the articles according to the search engine requirements or algorithms. And that’s called SEO-friendly content.

However, I have covered every element to write SEO-friendly content and focused on making the article a complete guide to starting SEO-friendly content writing for beginners. 

So, I hope you have learned a few essential lessons now “What SE likes and What SE doesn’t like.” 

In a nutshell, Search engine loves an article that adds value to its audience and follows search engine algorithms.

Thus, you have to write accordingly to rank on SERP and get traffic, sales, etc.

So, start learning, writing, and practicing daily. Explore new things and update yourself and your skills regularly to successfully build a Professional Content Marketing or, Digital Marketing career. 

Still have questions? 

Feel free to share in the comment section. I’ll get back to you soon or write another article(if needed). Also, don’t forget to share the excellent content guide with your networks.

Keep Learning, Keep Practicing, Keep Growing

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