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Hey there, I’m MD Anamul Hasan Shagar, but you can call me AH Shagar, your trusted source for advanced White Hat SEO Specialist in Bangladesh.

I’m not just your run-of-the-mill digital marketer; I’m a seasoned expert with over 6 years of experience in copywriting and SEO content writing. I’m here to supercharge your online presence and help you reach new heights.

Back in 2016, I graduated with an Engineering degree from Primeasia University. But my journey was just beginning.

I delved headfirst into the exciting world of WordPress, Content Marketing, White Hat SEO, Email Marketing, and Digital Marketing. And have I been on a rollercoaster of learning, achievements, and recognition since then.

AH Shagar । Content Writing and SEO Expert

Certificates & Achievements

I’ve got a wall full of international certifications and awards that prove I mean business. I’m not just about theory; I’ve got practical skills to back it up.
Need proof? How about my National Skill Certificate in Digital Marketing (Level-IV) or my BTEB Certified Digital Marketing recognition?
I’m also a Certified Digital Marketing Assessor thanks to my mastery of CBT&A Methodology.

But here’s the real deal, I’m not just about certificates and accolades. I’m all about results. I’ve been delivering top-notch digital services to a diverse range of clients, agencies, and companies, leaving them satisfied and hungry for more. And guess what? I’m not selfish with my knowledge. I’ve been mentoring and contributing to various learning platforms and communities because sharing is caring. And let’s not forget my other hat – the Blogging and Affiliate Marketing expert hat.

Professional Career Summary

Over the past six years, I’ve aced numerous projects in these areas, proving that I’m not just a talker; I’m a doer. Today, I run my own Digital Agency, and I also collaborate with some big-name companies. But the real magic happens when I put on my mentor hat and guide others in unlocking their full potential.

My expertise is a treasure chest of digital marketing gems. I’ve got Data-Driven Digital Marketing down to a science, mastered the art of both organic and paid marketing, crafted compelling copywriting, and specialized in SEO content that stands out.
Content marketing, White Hat SEO, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Blogging – you name it, I’ve got it covered.

So, if you’re looking for a true expert, a mentor, a freelancer, and a Blogging and Affiliate Marketing guru – you’ve found your guy.
Let’s take your digital game to the next level, shall we?

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A very professional writing service. The articles were perfect for my niche site. I’ve been ordering for months and will order again for sure.

– Kristy Brooks

Really Surprised! Got the quality better than expected. Highly Recommended for Search Engine Optimization.

– Barbara Simonds

I built a Multilingual Website for my company. I didn’t expect that he could work accurately with the Japanese language. But he did the work perfectly. Moreover, the design was as I needed. Overall, I’m so happy & satisfied with his work.