How to Start Content Writing for Beginners । A Complete Guideline

How to Start Content Writing for Beginners । A Complete Guideline

Content Writing is the most demandable online micro job. Thus, people always want to build their careers as Freelance Content Writer. So, let’s check how to Start Content Writing.

Content Writer Pre Requirement & Basic Skill

Before starting content writing, you must have the following requirements & skills.

  • Good English Proficiency 
  • Passionate for Writing
  • Love to Read
  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic Knowledge of relevant works, for instance, WordPress, SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, etc. [Not Mandatory for beginners]
  • Must be a quick learner 

What is Content Writing

You have to know what content is before learning about content writing. In a nutshell,

Content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.

However, there are four most popular types of content nowadays.

  • Image Content.
  • Video Content.
  • Web Content.
  • Audio Content.

Needless to say, we are working with web content. So, writing web content means Content Writing. In other words,

Content writing means research, plan and writes web articles.

Types of Content Writing

There are many types of Content Writing. However, it is challenging to describe each in an article. So, I’m going to share with you the most popular types of content writing.

  • Blog Writing
  • Web Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Ghost Writing
  • Email Writing
  • Script Writing
  • Social Media Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Academic Writing
Learn about the Top 15 Popular Types of Content Writing in detail.

How to Start Content Writing

Every beginner always looking for how to start content writing. However, there are many ways to start content writing. Because everyone has a unique working style and suggests different ways to learn.

Similarly, I’ve my unique style and suggestion that I’m going to share with you. 

  • Find Your Favorite Niche
  • Search It On Google.
  • Read At Least 1k Word Daily.
  • Follow The Writing Pattern.
  • Everyday Write Something.
  • Take Help From Expert or Mentor.

Note: These are the basic steps for beginners. 

In a nutshell, there is no tutorial or course that can make you an expert. You have to practice daily if you want to be a Content Writing Expert.

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