How to Repost & Share Posts on Facebook

How to Repost & Share Posts on Facebook

People love to repost their remarkable memories on Facebook. Confused about the process? Check how to repost on Facebook without losing likes and comments.

Facebook is the most popular social media worldwide. People often have to share or repost on Facebook. However, reposting on Facebook without losing likes and comments is challenging. 

Don’t worry. You can easily share the post with its likes and comments.

So, let’s check the easiest way to repost status updates, photos, and videos on Facebook. Also, check how to reshare on the Facebook page and business page.

How to Repost on Facebook

Reposting the previous content will be a daily task for Facebook users. If you don’t know how to repost on Facebook, check the following process.

  1. Open the previous post that you want to repost on your news feed.
  2. Click on the Share button to reshare the post.

You will lose previous likes and comments if you repost the content according to the method. Check the following procedure if you don’t want to lose previous likes and comments.

How to Repost on Facebook Without Losing Likes and Comments

Reposting on Facebook without losing likes and comments is the most challenging job.  However, you can do it quickly through likes and comments. So, let’s check the following method. 

  • Open the old post that you want to reshare on your news feed.
  • Now, comment on the post or upload a photo or GIF.
  • Don’t click on the share button. It will be a new post with the previous content, and you will lose your likes and comments.

Therefore, it will be visible on your news feed. So, it is the most uncomplicated process to reshare your old posts on Facebook without losing likes and comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I share a post where I have been tagged?

No, you can’t share the post. However, you can copy the content and post it to your timeline.

  • How can I repost on my friend’s timeline?

You will find the option to share the news feed during reposting, then click on it. After that, set the timeline setting to Friend’s timeline and select the friend you want to reshare. Now, click on share to repost on my friend’s timeline.

Final Thoughts

People share their every memorable story, photo, and video on Facebook. However, people often wish to repost the previous contents to remember the moments again. A few face difficulties while reposting the post.

But I hope now you have cleared how to repost on Facebook. So, repost your remarkable memories without any hesitation.

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